Sport Timing System

  • Speed skating, Ice skating, Speed slalom

  • Snowboard, Skiing

  • Fast Installation

  • Accuracy is over 0.001s


   Road to victory lies through difficulties of hard training process. Each drill makes you faster, higher and stronger. However, on the way to the top you need an incentive. And your achievement is the best stimulus. The system of sport timekeeping was developed to fix your result.  


   The system may be applied in any type of sport where individual time trials are present (Speed skating, Ice skating, Speed slalom etc.). One of the system’s feature is its mobility. Installation and setup of the program doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, thus time-keeping can be organized at any away tournaments or practices.


   The system consists of:

  • Start/finish measurement laser gates;

  • Digital display for result representation;

  • “USB-controller” for synchronizing the entire system;

  • System management software (Android).


   Basic system kit includes three laser gates (starting, intermediate and finishing gate). Gates have an independent power supply and transmit data through wireless communication which facilitates quick system installation process. Digital leds display electrically powered by 220 V supplier and represents result received wireless. Brightness of the displayed image is adjustable, therefore the use of device is feasible in either in bright sunny day or poorly lighted environment. “USB-controller” can be connected to a computer (laptop, tablet) with Android OS and provides setting and control over the system through the software.


   Principle of the system operation is simple. Countdown begins when the starting gate beam is crossed. Then crossing of the intermediate gates gives transitional result. Time stops with intersection of finishing gates. The amount of laser gates, their disposition, designation and number of intersections are to be set by user through the software. Result is represented on the digital display and in the software.


   Main technical specifications:

  • Operating radius - 700 meters (line of sight);

  • Resolution - 0.001s;

  • Accuracy > 0.001s;

  • Battery life – not less than 12 hours;

  • Operation temperature: -20 to 50 °С.

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